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Home Decor & Interior Design

Connect with one of our home decor & interior design specialists to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces within your home.

Home Organizing

Connect with one of our organizing specialists to help you find a place for everything that you love.

Holiday Home Decor

Connect with one of our specialists to decorate your home for the holidays!

Meal Prep

Save time, eat healthier, and reduce stress by connecting with one of our meal prep vendors for convenient and nutritious meals.

Farmer’s Market Produce Delivery

Sign up for our weekly Farmer’s Market Produce Delivery services where you get two of each produce item featured at the local Farmer’s Market that week delivered to your door.


Connect with a local handyman who can tackle a wide range of repair, maintenance, and improvement projects around the house.

Baked Goods

Connect with one of our bakery vendors for baked good items for events, parties, weekly deliveries or just an afternoon lunch with your friends.

Party Decor

Connect with party decorators to add the special customized touch your party is looking for.

Party Favors

Work with one of our specialists to create customized party favors to make your party unique and special.

Party Planning

Too busy to plan a party? Reach out to find help to launch the party of your dreams and to have the assistance needed so the fine details aren’t missed.

Party Treats

Connect with one of our vendors for customized party treats that are beautiful and tasty!

Seasonal Craft Kits

Sign up for our seasonal craft kits for ages 2-12 to build memorable moments with our little ones.

Family Activities

Looking for something to do for the family on the weekend? We’ll create a custom local itinerary to build memories and stay busy on the weekend.

Fashion Consulting

Feeling out of date and out of style? Connect with one of our stylist vendors to help you navigate current trends.

Hair Style & Color

Find a reputable hair stylist and color specialist to provide the look you’re aiming for.

Beauty & Make Up Services

Connect with us and learn about current make up trends or have a glam team help you get ready for parties, events, or a weekend date.