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Our Work

Annie Salness Artist

Project: Farmer’s Market Painting Classes

Annie and Amboxie teamed up together to enhance her presence on social media and raise awareness for her local painting classes. As she hosts classes at the local Farmer’s Market, we were able to demonstrate her expertise and build a fan base within the community to participate in these local classes all while nurturing relationships with neighbors, friends, and locals.


Project: Sellwood Renovation

Arciform and Amboxie were brought together to promote and develop the PR strategy for the Sellwood Renovation & Home Tour. Our goal was to put together a beautiful video showcasing the renovation followed by developing and launching a social media and press release campaign to raise awareness in the Portland area of this project and to bring traffic to the Home Tour event. Our aim to bring people’s stories and design together in one place while celebrating an iconic space was inspiring and fruitful.

Mt. Hood Teleporter

Project: Local Leader for Mt. Hood Transportation

Mt. Hood Teleporter and Amboxie teamed up together to develop and maintain their website to transport locals with ease across main hotspots throughout Oregon. Our goal was to manage their website to ensure popular SEO tactics were used to showcase their extensive knowledge of local amenities as a one-of-a-kind transportation service.

Mama’s Got Grit

Project: Helping Mother’s Find Their Joy

Mama’s Got Grit & Amboxie has teamed up together in the launch of their “Helping Mother’s Find Their Joy” initiative. Our goal is to get the word out to mothers with children struggling from addiction, to provide them support. Our aim was to work with Mama’s Got Grit, from day one of her business and throughout to set up the foundational marketing needed to establish a successful customer journey funnel and harness traffic and revenue.

Pennington Publishing

Project: Social Media Strategy

Amboxie and Pennington Publishing teamed up together to build a social media strategy to drive traffic to their store on Teachers Pay Teachers along with email campaigns. Our goal was to increase revenue to their online store, and to build awareness around helping students with extra curriculum to stay ahead in school.

Rita Traxler Designs

Project: Shop Rita’s Etsy Store

Amboxie and Rita Traxler Designs leveraged the power of storytelling to craft a brand identity that transcends to her Etsy store. By portraying Rita Traxler Designs as a haven brimming with vibrant colors and top-quality fabrics, we’ve fostered a sense of community and exclusivity through email, social media, and workshops. This approach not only attracts new customers but also cultivates brand loyalty among existing quilters.

Amanda Heake | Knitting & Design

Project: Shop AmandaHKnitandDesign Etsy Store

Specializing in hand-knitted patterns, Amanda H Knitting & Design struggled to find a target audience and establish brand recognition in her local market. By emphasizing her distinctive blend of craftsmanship and artistic expression, we helped her establish a strong brand identity and find her space in the knitting market among social media, email, website, and other online avenues.

Some of Our Bigger Projects

Icing on the Cupcake

Project: Cupcake Brand Awareness

Icing on the Cupcake saw a 20% rise in foot traffic and a 35% increase in orders after implementing a targeted social media strategy. By focusing on Instagram and Facebook, we showcased mouthwatering cupcake close-ups, behind-the-scenes baking stories, and customer appreciation posts with user-generated content. We aimed to create a vibrant online community that funneled down to their locations.

Arden Dental Care

Project: Invisalign for Brides

Arden Dental Care saw a dramatic 101% increase in revenue for Invisalign treatment after implementing a combined SEO and SEM strategy targeting the bridal market. SEO optimization with targeted keywords like “invisalign dentist near me” and informative content on Invisalign benefits improved organic search ranking. Highly targeted paid search campaigns on Google Ads displayed ads to users researching Invisalign, driving high-intent traffic to the dentist’s website with clear appointment booking options.

AEG Vision

Project: M&A SEO Strategy

Faced with the challenge of maintaining SEO dominance while continuing to bring on mergers and acquisitions, Amboxie assisted AEG Vision in migrating website content and consolidating online presence. Through strategic keyword mapping and content integration, we ensured a smooth transition while preserving M&A rankings for key terms related to their range of vision care services. This meticulous SEO strategy minimized ranking disruption and maximized organic traffic, solidifying AEG Vision as a leader in the competitive vision care industry. Results include 15% Increase in appointment utilization & 27% increase in content traffic.

Luxury Home Magazine

Project: Platform for luxury real estate in the country

Within 5 years, Luxury Home Magazine and Amboxie amassed a substantial loyal following on social media. The company saw a significant increase in online visibility with a few viral posts that were generated through social media channels that lead to qualified visibility to those who advertised with the magazine and platform. We aimed to established themselves as an industry leader in the luxury real estate market, that was able to attract a coveted clientele through the power of social media storytelling.

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